Departs from the quay at Lilling Cottage,
Västra Vägen 11-13, Hönö Klåva


Historically guided archipelago tour
Seal safari
Return ticket to Vinga
Fishing trips

Lobster safari

Taxi boat / Boat charter:
Öckerö Islands, Marstrand, Gothenburg and more

Book by telephone: +46 705 12 50 85


Departs from the quay at Lilling Cottage,
Västra Vägen 11-13, Hönö Klåva


Historically guided archipelago tour
Seal safari
Return ticket to Vinga
Fishing trips

Taxi boat / Boat charter:
Öckerö Islands, Marstrand, Gothenburg and more
The Art Boat

Book by telephone: +46 705 12 50 85

Historically guided archipelago tour

This 2½ hour trip includes a seal safari and a 1 hour visit to the island of Vinga.
Season from 17 March until 1 December. Please call to book.
Departs daily. Timetable: June-August at 12:30 & 16:00

Price: Adult 350 SEK, Kids up to 12 year, 150 SEK.

We start off from Hönö Klåva and you will see and experience the beautiful archipelago between Hönö and Vinga. The Skipper explains life on the islands and tells stories of historical events. You'll learn what happened during the last day of World War II outside Fotö, May 8, 1945, how the German Submarine U-3503 sank and what happened to the crew.

You'll also get to hear the story of the Englishman's free port during Napoleon's continental block in 1807-1812. The stories are exciting for both children and adults alike!

On our way to Vinga we stop by a seal colony taking care not to disturb them. This gives us a chance to see the seals in their natural environment while the skipper tells how they live and feel.

The visit to Vinga Island lasts for about 1 hour. Here you can discover Vinga on your own, take a swim in the bay, see the lighthouse and have an icecream in the harbor. You can also go for a guided tour with Winga friends where you get the story of Vinga and life on the island. You walk 115 steps up the lighthouse and see the amazing views from the top of the lighthouse, "you can stretch your eyes". Visit the beacon and the museum in Sweden's most famous singer and songwrighter Evert Taube's childhood home.

On the way back, through natural harbours, the skipper continues his stories. We'll do our best to ensure you'll get to discover our beautiful archipelago in the best possible way with the Belle-Amie sightseeing boat.

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Hönö Båtturer


Belle-Amie and Silvana departs from Hönö Klåva to Vinga all year round, please call to reserve. Departs daily on a set timetable during the summer months June, July and  August.
From Hönö Klåva at 10.30 back from Vinga at 15.00. (5 hours incl. boat tour).

Price: Adult 250 sek, children up to 12 years 150 sek
If you are more than 12 persons we drive with 2 boats max 24 persons

Vinga island Sweden's last outpost to the west has a long and exciting history and is an important landmark for shipping. A community that was characterized by the sea for pilots, boatmen and lighthouse keeper. This is where our greatest and most popular singer and songwrighter Evert Taube grew up and it was this environment that shaped him. A day at Vinga is a  memory for life and many return every year. Winga friends have houses for rent either for whole weeks or just for weekends. They also have a kiosk situated in the guest harbour and they too provide guided tours.

Getting married at Vinga has become very popular. Please call us to book a wedding in the beacon which can be used as a wedding chapel.

For overnight stays, please contact Winga friends or give us a call.

Please remember to book something to eat the day before departure (see our menu further down the page.)

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TAXI BOAT/charter

When you need a taxi boat, just give us a call.

We will take you to and from Gothenburg harbour, Öckerö islands, Marstrand, and the whole Gothenburg archipelago. You may wish to to to a restaurant somewhere in the archipelago. Perhaps you'd like to celebrate someone's 
birthday (your own even?) or just enjoy a lovely day on the sea with a visit to some nice harbour with friends or family. And of course, should you be getting married; arrive in style to your wedding reception by boat!

Ask about other guided tours: A day around the Öckerö archipelago or to the fantastic Marstrand. During the boat trip you will be able to take a swim and do some fishing.

Please contact us with your requirements and we'll provide you with suggestions and pricing. +46 705 12 50 85,

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It is exciting to go fishing on the Swedish west coast and around Vinga.

Fishing trips with GG 100 start from Fotö Old Port, Korsviksvägen 27, Fotö.

Book online, tel: 0705 12 50 85, e-mail:
We can take larger companies in cooperation with several fishing boats

Fish crabs with fishermen from Fotö Island (Season March to December)
Crab fishing trips 3 hours. including coffee break at Vinga island.
Departs Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 10.30,
Price Adult 450 SEK, Children <12 years 200 SEK

Mackerel fishing in Vinga Archipelago
(Season from mid June to mid September)
The fishing trip takes 3 hours. Departs Tuesday, Friday and Saturday at 15.00
Price adults 450: - children <12 years 200: -

Lobster safari (Season 25 September to 30 November)
3 hours. incl. coffee and sandwich on Vinga island.
Departure: Monday, Thursday and Saturday at. 10.30 hour
Price Adults 1200 SEK Children <12 years 600 SEK 

Fish with your own fishing rod from the rocks on Vinga Island
Select A DAY ON VINGA ISLAND from Hönö Klåva. see above

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Hönö Båtturer



Choose dressing: Rohde island, Mangoraya, Garlic, Winegrette
Price 100 sek incl. Dressing and bread.
Package: optional salad price: 130 sek 
Incl. mineral water and coffee on thermos

  • Chicken salad with bulgur
  • Tuna salad with egg and bulgur
  • Greek salad with bulgur
  • Pasta salad with Chicken
  • Pasta salad with tuna and egg
  • Greek salad with pasta

Price 90 sek incl. mineral water

  • Chicken with Mangoraya
  • Smoked ham and cheese
Hönö Båtturer

Archipelago's sandwich:

Local bread with hand-peeled shrimp, eggs and vegetable salad
Price: 140 sek

Coffee 20 sek

Bun 20 sek

Mineral water 20 sek

Kids menu:

  • Chicken salad with pasta 50 sek
  • Sandwich with meatballs 40 sek
  • Sandwich with cheese and ham 35 sek

Do you have other wishes, for example: fresh shrimp, freshly cooked sea crayfish or freshly cooked crabs? Give us a call, we try to fix it. 

Order lunch baskets the day before departure, other wishes two days before. 
Phone: +46 705 12 50 85 eller

Payments can be made:

- Online when booking
- Swish nr. 123 550 31 72
- Cards: Visa, Mastercard etc
- Cash upon boarding

Hönö Tourist & Fishing AB

Book boat trip  /  taxi boat: +46 705 12 50 85

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