Historically guided archipelago tour

This 2½ hour trip includes a seal safari and a 1 hour visit to the island of Vinga.

Season 2020, 14 March until 1 November. 

Please do reservation by  phone or e-mail

Departs daily: June, July, August 12.30PM 
Please do reservation by book online, phone or e-mail

Adults 375 SEK
Children up to 12 years, 150 SEK


Belle-Amie and Silvana departs from Hönö Klåva to Vinga all year round. Please do reservation by phone or e-mail

Departs daily on a set timetable during the summer months June 15, until August 31 10.30AM from Vinga 3PM. 
Please do reservation by booking online, phone or e-mail

Also departs from July 6 to August 3, departs at 11.30 and returns from Vinga 

at 4:00.  Please do reservation

Contact & Booking

Adults 275 sek
Children up to 12 years 150sek 

For overnight stays please contakt Winga Friends or give us a call,

Please remember to place an order for meals the day prior to the trip. See our menu further down this page. 


When you need a taxi boat, just give us a call.

We will take you to and from Gothenburg harbour, Öckerö islands, Marstrand, and operate in the whole Gothenburg archipelago.

Please contact us with your requirements and we'll provide you with suggestions and pricing. +46 705 12 50 85, info@honobatturer.se

Contact & Booking

FISHING TRIPS & Lobster safari 2019

It is exciting to go fishing on the Swedish west coast and around Vinga.

The fishing trips with GG 100 departs from Fotö old quay, Korsviksvägen 27, Fotö.

Book online, ph: 0705 12 50 85 (Bo Johansson), or 0707 74 58 55 (Staffan Knutsson GG 100) e-mail: info@honobatturer.se

We can accommodate larger groups  in co-operation with other fishing boats.

Contact & Booking

Fish crabs with local fishermen from Fotö

Fish crabs with local fishermen from Fotö 

7 March-12 September

Crab fishing trip approx. 2½ hrs. incl. break on Vinga. 

Monday, Wednesday,  Saturday  and Sunday at 10.30AM

Adults 450 SEK
Children up to 12 yrs 200 SEK 

Mackerel fishing Vinga archipelago

Mackerel fishing trip with the fishing boat GG 100.  13 June - 19 September 2020

The mackerel fishing trip approx. 2½ - 3 hrs. 

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 10.30 AM 

Adults 500 SEK 
Children up to 12 yrs 250 SEK

Lobster safari with local fishermen from Fotö

Lobster  safari
23 September-8 November  2020

3 hours incl. coffee break with sandwich and drink on Vinga island


Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 10.30 AM

Adults 950 SEK
Children up to 12 yrs 500 SEK 


Order lunch baskets the day before departure, other wishes two days before. 

Phone: +46 705 12 50 85 eller info@honobattrips.se

Archipelago Sandwich on local bread with hand-peeled shrimp, eggs and green salad price: 165 sek

Sandwich With Brie cheese, salami and green salad, price: 80 sek
Sandwich with ham and cheese, price: 50 sek

Salad: Price 115 sek incl. dressing and bread

Chicken salad:

Tuna salad with egg:
Greek salad:

Choose dressing: Rohde island, Mangoraya, Garlic, Vinaigrette

Caesar salad: Price 125: -

Chicken fillet, bacon, croutons, roman salad, grated parmesan,
caesar dressing and tomatoes

Kids menu:

Chicken salad with pasta price: 70 sek

Sandwich with cheese and ham price: 50 sek

Drinks and more:

Coffee 20 sek

Mineral water 20 sek

Bun/Cookie 20 sek

Do you have other wishes, for example: fresh shrimp, freshly cooked sea crayfish or freshly cooked crabs? Give us a call, we try to fix it.

Payments for menu can be made:

- Swish nr. 123 550 31 72
- Cards: Visa, Mastercard etc
- Cash upon boarding