About Hönö tourist & fIShing ab

It all began in 1965. 

At the age of fifteen I got my first job after finishing school. It was to drive a service boat between Hönö and the construction of the lighthouse Trubaduren, south of Vinga. My father arranged fishing trips and Vinga trips with his galleass Belle-Amie in the 60's. When I wasn't at school I was with him.

After training and working as a carpenter I started drawing and selling kitchens for Osby kitchen AB in 1973. My father drove with his galleass Belle-Amie an exhibition for Osby kitchen.
In 1977 I graduated as Skipper and took over the business and bought my own ship. 1977-1983; I was around the coasts, canals and lakes of Sweden where we sold kitchens with the "Osby boat" Lidan. We visited approximately 100 ports each year. An exciting time with new places and new faces all the whilst changing kitchens for people. 

Sweden is amazing! 

In 1985 I started at Marbodal Kitchen company working with store development after which I headed up Product Development for kitchens. The last 3.5 years I spent working for the group Nobia.

After over forty amazing years in the kitchen industry, I started Hönö Tourist & Fishing AB which gave me the opportunity to do what I like best. Drive a boat, organize adventures for our guests, and of course tell stories about the life and times from past and present.

In 2015 I bought the boat I named Belle-Amie after my father's beautiful ship, built in 1890, the same year as Evert Taube and Vinga Lighthouse came into the world.

Hönö Båtturer

My father's beautiful ship Belle-Amie built in 1890.

My interest in and knowledge of the beautiful archipelago in which we live is what I wish to convey to as many people as possible.

The visiting industry is blossoming on the Öckerö Islands with its proximity to the Gothenburg area. Many people work in the industry and it is my hope to contribute to its further development.

Back to where everything started; to skipper a boat within the archipelago between Hönö and Vinga -  my passion that replaces my pension!

Welcome on board!

Hönö Båtturer

Bo Harald "Bosse" Johansson
Carpenter, Skipper, Kitchen Product Developer & Archipelago Guide.


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